Welcome to Ping. Ping is a webzine, and we produce and publish high-quality video, radio and print journalism to help you get the most out of social media.


Ashley Di Terlizzi is a travel enthusiast who loves to take the occasional selfie. A dedicated Game of Thrones addict, you’ll find her buried in books in a cafe near you.


Declan Gooch is a big fan of social media mainly because nobody can see his ridiculous uncontrollable hair. When not on Twitter, he can usually be found trying to work out why he was logged off.


Ellen Sachs is a sometimes student and a constant nerd. But she’ll probably give all that up to be a billionaire soon.


Oscar Wills is a self described social media lurker, except for when he decides to enter into deep philosophical discussions with his followers. Offline, sports, music and acting are among his interests.

10309565_10152134658197532_5893996936562160813_nNatalie Shoebridge is a wannabe time-traveller, pun enthusiast, and thinks she’s really funny on Twitter. When she’s not watching reruns of Seinfeld or lecturing on the appropriate use of commas, you’ll find her excessively hashtagging on Instagram and giggling over Simpsons memes.


Simple-living, high-thinking, perhaps not your average twenty-year-old with all his involvement in social entrepreneurship and the community, Sayed Hussainizada is a soccer lover and everyday social media user.


Tiffany Wang has got more social media accounts than she can count on one hand. You could say she’s one of those social media addicts they talk about on the news (or maybe on Ping Webzine). She documents her adventures and impulse purchases, with a hashtag of course.

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